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About us

The core business of our company is the development and manufacturing of wide range of diamond tools for professional and household applications.

Priorities and directions

For our tools manufacturing we use the most advanced materials and recent progressive technologies materialized at German and Italian automated equipment. The important advantage of our company is that we use high quality diamond powders and assembles (metal cores) from leading European suppliers which guarantees great application and stable quality of our tools.
Team Diamantwerk
Before the production start-up, each new type of the tool undergoes multiple tests to estimate the functional characteristics and the reliability. According to its purpose, the tool runs a cycle of tests on the computerized stand in a specially equipped laboratory. During the tests with different materials and with different operating modes, we control the operational readiness of the tool, its performance parameters and efficiency. Therewith all tools parameters are measured and documented. It is the only way to estimate the exact specification for the product line and to give the full technical characteristics and service instructions.
All products of the DIAMANTWERK Company have Certificates of Conformity issued by Certification Authority of diamond and abrasive tools based on testing procedures, accreditation of manufacturing and quality control system of the company. 

The Company has six performance specifications on its products and a set of documents accorded with State Committee of Ukraine for Standardization and Metrology, which regulate the productive process and quality requirements. All our products pass the quality conformance inspection and acceptance tests to match the regulatory documents and the safety standards. The production has material, raw material and assembles control. 

One of the biggest creative achievements of our team is development, producing and market launch of more than ten trademarks, which are appreciated by end-consumers and our partners.

The long-term manufacturing of the high quality competitive products of the DIAMANTWERK Company awarded by diplomas of national competitions such as “High Grade”, “Top 100 Best Goods”, “Leader of the Industry 2009, 2010, 2011” and multiple prizes and diplomas of national and international exhibitions.

Quality, Guaranty and Innovations are three main foundations of our Company.

Diamantwerk is ISO certified

Diamantwerk is EN 13236 certified
EN 13236