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Diamond wires 8,5 mm


Diamond wires for profile cutting and multiwire machines.

Diamond wires diam. 8.5 mm are used for materials processing on stationary equipment when decorative shaped cutting automatically and multi-discs cutting of stone monolite slabs. The flexibility of the wires, that is provided with plastic covering, allows linear cutting and complicated forming cutting as well.


Bead diameter, mm Beads per linear meter
Beads per linear meter
8,5 40 3,8
8,5 40 4,5

3 versions are available with different properties of the diamond layer. List of versions is designed accourding to the processed material and instrument class:

Version Work material / Class of tool
Soft granites, gabbro, labradorite / Professional
GH PRO Hard granites, quartzite / Professional
MM PRO Soft marble, limestone / Профессиональный

 The factory develops and manufactures other sizes and versions based on customer's specifications.