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BFP segment


"Boomerang"-shaped diamond segments for the production of diamond cup wheels.


The unique L-shaped BFP segments allows a uniform distribution of the "working zone" on the surface of the cup wheel. This allows for uniform productive grinding surfaces.


This diamond segments optimized for laser welding on to the body, but may also be secured using conventional methods - soldering. Welded segments have significantly higher retention in the steel body.


Length, mm Thickness, mm Height, mm Radius, mm
35/23 7
35/23 7 6+2 62

3 versions are available with different properties of the diamond layer. List of versions is designed accourding to the processed material and instrument class:

Version Work material / Class of tool
СС PRO Concrete, ceramsite concrete, brick / Professional
СF Standart Concrete floor / Standart
CF PRO Concrete floor / Professional

 The factory develops and manufactures other sizes and versions based on customer's specifications.