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Special "turbo" segments are used in the manufacture of high-performance ccutting blades for portable machines and asphalt cutters.


The form of "turbo" segment improves sludge removal from the cutting zone, thus increasing the cutting speed drive.
The segments have a special layer
for welded segments to the steel body.


Length, mm
Height, mm
Height, mm
Radius, mm
42/40 8+2 2,8 145
42/40 8+2 3,2 170
42/40 8+2 3,5 195
42/40 8+2 3,8 215
42/40 8+2 3,8 240
42/40 8+2 4,5 290

5 versions are available with different properties of the diamond layer. List of versions is designed accourding to the processed material and instrument class:

Version Work material / Class of tool
СС Standart
Concrete, ceramsite concrete, brick / Standart
Concrete, ceramsite concrete, brick / Professional
CR PRO Reinforce concrete / Professional
CH PRO Heavy fine concrete, hydraulic concrete / Professional
CF PRO Concrete floor / Professional

 The factory develops and manufactures other sizes and versions based on customer's specifications.