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  • Promotion at a lower cost

    The key advantages of the private label manufacturing are that there is no need to draw on additional expensive investments. You can be more mobile if you concentrate on the development of your own market potential, promotion of your economic effectiveness and financial stability of your company.

  • Generating the value of your Trademark

    Your trademark stresses and develops the individuality of your company and inspires the customer to enjoy the work with your diamond tools. We are ready to help your trademark to fulfill its purpose on the market of diamond tools and to optimal correlate the price and quality ratio.

  • Technical solution of your needs

    Owing to our proper modern production facilities, qualified staff and strong partnership with the biggest national and foreign manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials and components we can establish technical solutions of your needs in a short time and in the most efficient way.

  • Values

    Diamantwerk Company takes an imaginative approach to the products’ creation and improvement, company process development and its long-term vision realization, constantly introducing into production new products, technologies and manufacturing control approaches. 

  • Mission and vision statement

    All our Company’s activities directed to satisfy all the Customer’s needs in the wide range of quality and safe diamond tools for construction purposes. We produce and develop the unique diamond tools which exceed our Customers’ expectations.

  • Your benefits when choosing Diamantwerk

    Diamantwerk helps your business be successful.