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DFC-S Two-row


This diamond front cutter is used for concrete grinding, formwork removal and for grinding of the other construction materials.


Two rows of segments are fixed to the core by sintering or by impulse welding method.


Hand angle grinders.

Running conditions:

The grinding should be provided without water-cooling with the max. running sped 80 mps.



Diameter, mm Amount of segments, pcs Layer height, mm Seat
100 14 6 (8) 22,23
125 14 6 (8) 22,23
150 16 6 (8) 22,23
180 20 6 (8) 22,23
230 24 6 (8) 22,23

5 versions are available with different properties of the diamond layer. List of versions is designed accourding to the processed material and instrument class:

Work material / Class of tool
СС DIY Concrete, expanded-clay concrete, brick / Household use
СС Standart Concrete, expanded-clay concrete, brick / Standart
Concrete, expanded-clay concrete, brick / Professional
СG PRO Green concrete / Professional
CR Standart Rainforce concrete / Standart

 The factory develops and manufactures other sizes and versions based on customer's specifications.