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DFC-S Boomerang


This diamond front cutter is used for highly productive roughing of concrete surfaces and formwork removal on them. The DFC-S Boomerang is best when is used with grinding machines.


Metal core with brazed L-form segments.


Hand angle grinders.

Running conditions:

The grinding should be provided without water-cooling with the max. running sped 80 mps.


Diameter, mm Amount of segments, pcs Layer height, mm Seat                 
125 7 6 (8) 22,225
150 7 6 (8) 22,225
180 9 6 (8) 22,225
230 9 6 (8) 22,225

5 versions are available with different properties of the diamond layer. List of versions is designed accourding to the processed material and instrument class:

Work material / Class of tool
СС DIY Concrete, expanded-clay concrete, brick / Household use
СС Standart Concrete, expanded-clay concrete, brick / Standart
Concrete, expanded-clay concrete, brick / Professional
СG PRO Green concrete / Professional
CR Standart Rainforce concrete / Standart

 The factory develops and manufactures other sizes and versions based on customer's specifications.